We are proud to congratulate Jose Moreno Jr. (grandson of Jose D. Moreno [Co-Founder ]) who has successfully completed 2 months of Casa De Vida’s addiction recovery program and was accepted into the CA Conservation Corps.

Jose (Jr.), 22, entered Casa De Vida like many others facing addiction–unsure of what to do with himself, yet knowing he needed to ask for help in order to turn his life away from drug use and on a path toward healing.

With the support and guidance of Jon Cesario, Casa De Vida staff and others, Jose was encouraged to apply for the CA Conservation Corps. Within a short time, Jose adjusted himself to our program and its requirements. He displayed amazing effort, dedication and perservance in his choice to apply himself and learn about himself, the effects of addiction, and the power of loving God.

We at Casa de Vide are immensely proud of Jose’s inner strength and determination, which have increasingly shone since he entered the program. In the last two months, to fulfill a requirement to be accepted by the CA Conservation Corps, he trained physically and emotionally every day to complete a 3-mile walk over level terrain in 45 minutes or less while wearing a 40-pound backpack. Much like his grandfather, Jose’s dream is to become a firefighter. We wish him all the best, and look forward to seeing all the positive impacts he will make.

George Casarez (2023 Participant)

Juan Hernandez (2020 Graduate)

Guillermo Cortez (2007 Graduate)


I began drinking at 14.  I was encouraged to drink by a brother in-law who thought it was cute to see me drink, yet my parents had no idea that I drank.  As a young boy I had insecurities about myself because boys from school would tease and make fun of me. When I drank I felt strong and courageous.  I came to Oxnard from Mexico at the age of 28, with a bad drinking problem.  By then I was drinking up to 4 liters of straight vodka per day.  I also drank Nyquil and used crystal meth.  On two different occasions I was hit twice by an automobile while riding my bicycle intoxicated. One day I was very sick from my alcoholism and having bad hallucinations that I was seeing evil all around me.  I felt so lost and without hope for anything till the point that I cried out of desperation.  My sister asked me if I wanted help and I said, “Yes”.  The next day (March 2007) she took me to Casa De Vida for help.  I stayed there six months and graduated in September of that year.

I have been sober 16 years now.  I have my struggles and I am tempted to drink but I fight on.  I used to say, “I will never drink again”, but now I say, “For today I will not drink.”  Through Casa De Vida I have learned to like myself. I now have Jesus in my heart and have come to believe that God forgives. I know now that I can be productive and I am employed as a fulltime baker. My family used to worry about me, but now my family does not suffer because of me.  I look forward to spending time with my family during my free time.  My life has returned to tranquility.